You can find more information about our proposals on the “Virtual Exhibition” tab. You can then let us know your thoughts using the “Feedback” tab. The feedback deadline is Friday 29th May. You can get in touch with the team using the details available to the right.

Site & Project Overview

The site is allocated for between 65 and 90 dwellings in the adopted South Downs Local Plan and is the subject of an adopted development brief. Metis Homes is looking to bring forward a sensitively designed, high quality and sustainable scheme which takes account of the site’s historic context and natural surroundings. The proposals that we are setting out as part of this consultation have been carefully considered through pre-application discussions with the relevant local authorities and have due regard to both the adopted Local Plan and the site specific development brief.

The development will provide scope for a number of significant local benefits including high-quality, affordable homes for local people, more green infrastructure, contributions to local biodiversity and direct links to the natural environment, new public open space and public connectivity, as well as decontamination and remediation of a brownfield site. The existing Household Recycling Facility will remain in place as part of the proposals.

Public Consultation

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and in line with Government guidance, Metis Homes will not be able to hold a physical public exhibition for members of the community to view our proposals. However, Metis Homes is committed to consulting with the local community regarding its plans through this ‘virtual public consultation’.

These are extraordinary circumstances following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we were disappointed to have to cancel our planned face-to-face public engagement. However, Metis’ proposals will continue to play an important role in tackling the housing crisis and providing new homes locally through a high-quality development that has been informed by local comments throughout its evolution and development.

We believe that it is crucial for developers to play our part by maintaining momentum and continuing to deliver on our projects wherever possible, just as local authorities are also seeking to continue to meet their statutory obligations with regards to planning and housing. Although we recognise that the current situation will have caused some disruption to the usual consultation process, we have taken a number of steps to provide the local community with sufficient access and opportunities to review our proposals and provide comment, and will continue to do so as the process moves forward.